At A Glance

Regardless of whether you want to use Breathe once a week or several times a day: A quick glance is all it takes to see what's coming up.

Pollen Forecasts

Worldwide pollen forecasts allow you to plan your child's day without surprises.

Weekly Reports

Review your child's week to assess how pollen and therapy affect your child's symptoms and medication use.


Select from a list of common symptoms to observe how your child's symptoms change when starting a new therapy.


Select from a list of commonly-used medications to get reminders and observe trends during therapy.


Prepare for your child's next appointment to get answers to all of your questions.

Enabling parents to assess the effectiveness of their child's asthma treatment

More than half of the parents of children suffering from asthma do not follow the prescribed treatment. This is often due to the failure of parents to correctly assess progress in a long-term treatment. Most children have allergic asthma that is heavily influence by pollen, thus making an assessment even more difficult.

Breathe is a smartphone app for parents of children with asthma, allowing them to objectively assess the effects of the medication-based long-term therapy on the asthma symptoms and the use of the reliever medication of their child. Our aim is to develop an algorithm for detecting whether a child’s asthma is controlled, partially controlled or uncontrolled, based on as little parent-supplied information as possible. Instead, we rely on short, weekly questionnaires and pollen data.

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