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Whether you want to explore the potential of mobile technology for better patient care or build powerful and fully-compliant web applications for medical research or healthcare – We’ve got you covered.

Data Management

Create and operate new, data-driven services and processes with our expertise, support and platform. Securely collect from and share medical and health data with patients and healthcare partners.


Derive insights on how your customers and patients use your applications with our fully-integrated Analytics solution.

Easy to use. In minimum taps you enter the data you need. Good looking and simple. I am looking forward to integrating it with other health apps as well.

App Store Review on Asthma Tracker

I like to use the app. It helps me a lot and it's really nicely designed.

Play Store Review on Asthma Tracker

Conceptualization & prototyping

From idea to concept, from concept to prototype: take advantage of our skills and experience to explore and validate your product and service idea with partners, customers and patients.

Patient-centered validation & testing

With our patient-centered approach we can help you validate and develop your ideas and services for new, digitally supported healthcare services with the people who will use them.

Data layer & integrations​

In order to unleash the full potential of your data-driven Digital Health solutions the way you handle, collect and use your available data should support your goals. Let us help you design your data layer for success form the outset.

User-centered design

We work closely with your customers to ensure your prototype is developed into a product or service that your customers will love to use.

iOS, Android and Web

We develop for both of the major mobile platforms as well as web based applications. If you have special technology requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

Data evaluation planning

Are planning to conduct an app assisted medical study or are you looking for specific outcomes to test your hypothesis? We can help you collect the right data and assist you in processing it for your specific need.

Usage analytics​

Our integrated analytics solution allows you to see how patients and partners use your Digital Health solutions – fully compliant and easy to use in new or existing applications.

Release planning

Innovating and enhancing your existing solutions is key to future success and user acceptance – we help you keep up with important trends, technologies and how to plan your app updates and releases.

Secure data transfer and storage​

We ensure the privacy and security of your data and your customer’s data with our end-to-end encrypted data transfer technology. For medical studies using mobile or web applications we offer on demand anonymization.

Asthma Tracker

Our contribution:

  • Re-design of the graphical user interface (GUI) and complete implementation of version 2 and onwards of Asthma Tracker for iOS

  • Adaptation of the GUI design according to Google Material Design, complete development and implementation of Asthma Tracker for Google Android.

  • Asthma Tracker uses haako’s usage analytics platform to better understand how the app is used by asthma patients in order to continously improve user satisfaction and incentivize daily usage.

Asthma Tracker is available for iOS and Android.


Our own solution for parents of children with asthma:

  • Instant assessment of their child’s asthma based on peak flow values and medication intake tracked in the app.

  • Persionalised asthma predictions based on observed trends and environmental data (trigger factors, time of year, air quality)

  • Guidance and support in daily asthma management and decision making

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Co-Founder & Business

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